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Paul Genovese - Green River, Utah

November 12, 2012

Nic and Aaron have been working on projects together for over a year now. What started as an idea to collaborate on a project has developed into a new brand for the both of them: MindSpark Cinema. This partnership comes from a desire to better their product, and to further themselves as filmmakers. Their goal is simple - Create the best videos possible.

Green River proved to be the perfect location to shoot our first video to announce our partnership. The creative potential of Southern Utah is limitless, the never-ending ridgelines provided the blank canvas we needed to portray our first work. It was this potential that inspired us to come to come here.

Video: MindSpark Cinema - Aaron LaRocque/Nic Genovese
Photos: Mike Zinger
1st Song: Babel - Mumford and Sons 
2nd Song: You Know I Know - J Siggsworth