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DATE OF BIRTH: July 27th HEIGHT: 5ft, 6inches WEIGHT: 144 BIRTHPLACE: Yale Hospital in New Haven, CT RESIDENCE: New Haven, CT SPONSORS: The Kenda Tires/ Mike Steidley Mountain Bike Stunt Show Presented by Haro Bikes, Fox, Magura, Zeal Optics, Atomlab, E-13, and Thomson Components HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PART OF THE FOX FAMILY? Fox is simply the best- When you spend countless hours on the bike you need your technical clothing and safety gear to be right, and when its finally time to step off Fox Clothing keeps you looking fresh. MOST MEMORABLE MTB EXPERIENCE? Either winning the Junior Nationals and then getting an invite to the Worlds in Japan back in high school or coming back in 2006 to winning the Nationals after missing all the comps in 2005 due to blowing up my back after a horrific crash. IF YOU DIDN'T RIDE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'D DO? Wakeboarding- No question, its one of the only other sports that even comes close replicating the feeling I get from riding. WHAT/WHO INSPIRES YOUR RIDING? I’m motivated by hundreds of things with my riding but when it comes to competitions or my stunt show program its ultimately its setting a goal and then using that as motivation to obtain my expectations WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TRICK/MOVE TO DO? For me the best is just a long summer session down on the rocky shoreline, riding all day and into sunset, with my boys or riding solo, I live for the epic rides that go until you can’t hold the bars anymore or the sun cracks below the horizon. TOP 5 BANDS OF ALL TIME? Way too many to list! Music is a huge part of my life and my iPod is glued to my head when I’m riding and its pumping out all types of stuff as it relates to my mood. TOP 5 RIDERS? Jeff Lenosky Hans Rey Aaron Chase Cesar Canas (European trials rider) Julien Dupont (moto trials/ freestyle) WHAT DO YOU SEE IN MTB RIGHT NOW THAT MAKES YOU EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE OF THE SPORT? Whats great is the amount of opportunity that’s out there. New contests, freeride parks and si mountains, video parts, and all the internet videos and media outlets- It gives riders a chance to do what they like and express there own style. Riding can make and define your lifestyle so its great to see the upward mobility that allows for the world to really see what us athletes are really about. LIKES?: Riding bikes all day, jet skis/ boats/ being on the water, dirt bikes, fast European cars, women, sushi, and traveling to new places DISLIKES?: Dishonest People, speeding tickets, and trips to the hospital. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR LIFELONG GOAL OR PHILOSOPHY? There are hundred of things to see in this world, people to see and places to ride- I’m focused on doing as much as I can and living everyday to the fullest. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU? Riding day in and day out. I was in the sport before I had anything and will still be out there till the last day. I’m 100% committed to growing my program and to staying competitive as long as I can. FAMOUS LAST WORDS, SHOUT OUTS, ETC? Huge thanks to all my sponsors and clients for their support and to all my friends and family that are in my life. Career Highlights and Accolades: 2008 NORBA National Trials Champion 2008 North American Trials Champion 2007 NORBA National Trials Champion 2006 North American Trials Champion 2004 North American Trials Champion 2003 North American Trials Champion 1998 NORBA Junior National Champion Red Bull Bike Battle 2003-5th Red Bull Bike Battle 2002-3rd (Highest ranked American) 7x US World Championship Team Member 16x Regional New England Trials Champion Background: Mike Steidley is a multi-time National Champion and is one of the most exciting and extreme mountain bikers in North America. Mike has received numerous titles that include both National medals and 16 Regional Championship Titles. He has represented the USA on 7 World Championship teams and was the highest ranked U.S. rider at the inaugural Red Bull Bike Battle. When not busy competing Steidley incorporates the elements of Trials, Street/ Park and North-Shore into his stunt shows that have been seen around the world. Mike Steidley has traveled North America, Europe and Asia extensively and has appeared on the high-profile Vans Warped Tour as well as the VW Major Motion Picture Tour to showcase his captivating skills. Furthermore, Steidley has appeared on the Discovery Channel Show “Time Warp” and in multiple mountain bike films.

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