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DOB: 02/06/1978 WHERE WERE YOU BORN: Northallerton, UK CURRENT RESIDENCE: Kidderminster, UK ACCOMPLISHMENTS: BMX – 2 X World Champion, 16 X British Champion. MTB 4X – 5 X National Series Champion, 2 X National Champion, 2nd European Championships 2006, 8 World Cup Podiums HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PART OF THE FOX FAMILY: Amazing really. My heroes whilst growing up were all MX riders in Fox kit. Naturally I wanted to be like them one day. In the late 80's it was Rick Johnson and more recently it is Ricky Carmichael. My career path ultimately led me into Mountain Bikes, not MX, but it feels like a real honour to be sponsored by Fox. Fox kit always looks the best and now I get to wear it!! Stoked!! WHAT INSPIRES YOUR RIDING ON A DAILY BASIS: Just to get quicker all the time. Winning races and beating other riders is always the inspiration HAS THE INSPIRATION CHANGED OVER THE YEARS, OR HAS THERE BEEN ONE PARTICULAR PERSON, PLACE OR THING IN YOUR LIFE THAT HAS BEEN A CONSTANT INSPIRATIONI SINCE YOUR FIRST DAY ON A BIKE: My parents have always been a huge inspiration to me. My Dad was a professional motorcycle racer, so he really understands what it’s like to be a racer. The advice I have always been given by them was great and so yeah, they inspire my riding alot. Over the years, my inspiration has changed from racing BMX as a young kid, having fun, to getting a bit older, winning races and wanting to win more, to ultimately racing becoming my job, where it is now very important to win races! WHAT TYPE OF RIDING ARE YOU MOST INTO: 4X. I love riding 4X tracks and helping with the progression of this young sport. WHEN YOU AREN'T OUT RIDING, HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME: Training, Playing golf, Riding some BMX, catching up with friends at home, watching DVD’s. I love buying new DVD’s!! WHAT MUSIC ARE YOU INTO RIGHT NOW: I have always liked dance music. Love it! WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TRIP: There have been so many great trips over the years and so many stories to tell. World Cups generally throw a story up every time. Big Bear 1998 was a fun trip involving hire cars....... For riding, when we had the World Cup in Vancouver then Joyride festival a week after in Whistler was always a great 2 weeks away. However my favourite trip was the longest one in 2005 when my fiancé Holly took a year away from work and we travelled from race to race in a huge motorhome. Amazing year! WHAT WOULD YOU SAY YOUR LIFELONG GOAL OR PHILOSOPHY IS: To stay healthy and be a genuine person. I want to really help 4X grow in the next few years, and my philosophy is pretty simple. Just have fun! WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU: More racing, plenty more wins and hopefully a World Championship in 4X SPONSORS: Fox, Rocky Mountain, RDH Motorhomes, Trixter, Oakley, Fox Suspension, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Neoguard, USE, Fenwicks LAST WORDS, SHOUT-OUTS, ETC.:  Huge Thanks to my parents and my fiancé Holly for all the support they have given me. Everyone who has ever cheered me on in a race. It always helps so keep cheering! Peter Graves for coming up with my nickname – Boom Boom! Cheers everyone.

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