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Danny Hart

DOB: 20/09/91 WHERE WERE YOU BORN: Middlesbrough CURRENT RESIDENCE: Redcar ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Junior World Cup Champion, 3rd Junior World Championships Canberra, Top 40 World Cup Overall, 6th World Championships 2008, 2 x National 4x Champion, 2 x National Downhill Champion. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PART OF THE FOX FAMILY: It is a great feeling to be part of the Fox family on a head to toe deal, Fox has always been the best known apparel company world wide for many years and I am just glad to be a part of that! WHAT INSPIRES YOUR RIDING ON A DAILY BASIS: I am inspired by getting good results, the more i ride my bike everyday the better my results are, and for the sheer fun of riding my bike. It is the best feeling, just you and your bike! HAS THE INSPIRATION CHANGED OVER THE YEARS, OR HAS THERE BEEN ONE PARTICULAR PERSON, PLACE OR THING IN YOUR LIFE THAT HAS BEEN A CONSTANT INSPIRATIONI SINCE YOUR FIRST DAY ON A BIKE: Well i have to say my farther, without the help and all round support from him i would be no where now, it is all down to him. Also Steve Peat is a true inspiration to me and mountain biking in the UK, just to be a top runner for this long makes me want to do the same. WHAT TYPE OF RIDING ARE YOU MOST INTO: Obviously my main discipline is DH, but at home, i do not ride the DH bike that much, i ride my bmx more than anything, just because i have to travel quite far to ride DH, i also ride a lot of MX. WHEN YOU AREN'T OUT RIDING, HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME: When i am not away racing or riding, i do try to spent time with my friends because i dont see them that much right through the season, also putting the hours in in the gym, i really enjoy working in the gym. WHAT MUSIC ARE YOU INTO RIGHT NOW: At the moment i am listening to a little bit of Pheonix, but to be honest i listen to most kinds of music, i hate these kids that like music what they think they should like, Like what you like, and what you like only :)... WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TRIP: Last year i spent a couple of months in NZ with a good friend, Justin Leov, it was amazing, just riding bikes everyday, weather it be BMX, DH, MX, everything it was just awsome, it also got me out of the english winder, and into the NZ summer. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY YOUR LIFELONG GOAL OR PHILOSOPHY IS: My main aim is just to make a good living from doing something i really have a passion for, it is such a good job, doing what i want to do, nothing can match this. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU: Lots more riding my DH bike and MX bike i hope, and some top results this year, take each day at a time... SPONSORS: Giant, Fox, Shimano, Michelin, Fox Racing Shox, Pro, Northstar At Tahoe, Leatt, Fenwicks... LAST WORDS, SHOUT-OUTS, ETC.: Most of all parents and sister for all the support they have given me over the years, Joe Staub, Frank Trotter, Tom Davies, for giving me the oppertunity to race on the best bike in the world, Jon Smith from Fenwicks, Aaron, Wayne, and Brode at Fox EU, and Oscar Saiz for his help this season coming, if i missed anyone you know who you are. THANKS :)

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