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2013 Nssa National's and Us champs wrap up

July 9, 2013
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Over the last few weeks the so called circus has been in town.
The circus know as the Us Champs and Nssa Nationals surf contest for the top Am's in the nation.
Both events are filled with energy between the contestants, parents, coaches, and an ocassional Hi-Chew candy. Froth would be considered an understatment.
As for our Fox riders we had some great moments in both these events for our team.
The first part started at Salt creek high school, middle school and college championships.
Jd Lewis placed 2nd in the college mens with some solid turns on his backhand and Gunner day placed 5th in middle school boys with some stylish Fronthand surfing.
Before the Lowers event Team manager's Jesse Merle Jones and Christian Saenz had a 2 day training camp with all of our amatuer riders.
They reviewed video, technique, equitment, and mental attitude before the event to ensure each athlete was at peak condition before they hit the water the next day.
As for the US Champs  our Floridian rider caroline marks comboed the entire final and recieved her 1st win at a National Level.
Her backhand was on point the entire event at the 4 to 6ft Lower trestles lineup
Californian Nolan Rapoza finished a respected 4th place in the U16 division and battling with the best kids in the nation gained some definite confidence under his belt.
After the Us champs the Team met up again at Huntington Beach to get some pratice before the Nssa Nationals
The team finished it off with a BBq with all the athletes and parents. 
The very next day the Highly contested Nssa Nationals started with 8 days of competition
Tony Nunez got 2nd place in the open supergrom final his best result to date.
Conditions were overhead for the first few days and then dropped in size
The Marks family brought down the Grom Social RV and hooked up everyone with some gear and even presented a preformer of the day each 8 days of the event
Overall it was great to have our guys and girls make it out for the nationals.
Dreams were crushed and Dreams became true for a few!
Until Next year
Next up US OPEN


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