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Jose Tavarez

Where do you ride and reside? Isabela, Puerto Rico

What makes you stoked? I love to surf good waves, spend time with my friends, train, and competition.

Nickname? Lagar

For me, surfing is… My life. It’s not a lifestyle it’s everything; my everyday it’s based around surfing.

Who is your favorite surfer? Kelly Slater and Irons brothers.

What would an A + day at your home break look like? Wake up early in the morning, have a great sandwich, go to Jobos to check the waves, then surf (it’s always good), and then go to school. After school I spend some time with my friends, then we go to other places to surf, when I’m done surfing I train with my friend, do a couple of routines and then have some dinner and go to bed.

It’s flat in your region for 3 weeks, what do you do? I’d go crazy and then I’d concentrate my energy in doing more studying, more training, and other sports, skating, basket and after that I’d take a plane to a place with waves,

Pre-session/ amp up music? Hip-hop, Rock and some Reggaeton.

Animals are now the only mode of transportation. What would you ride on your way to your local break? An elephant.

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