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A memeber of the Fox team since 1997. Shaun Murray is the most outstanding individual and champion wakeboarding has ever seen within its history. An ambassadore of the Fox brand Shaun still leads every year in popularity amongst the fans and his supporters.



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Shaun Murray


St. Louis, MO

Current Residence:
Orlando, FL

Career Highlights

Career Highlights:

Multi time National champion

Multi time World Champion

Most Popular Wakeboarder of all time. Wakeboarding magazine 2015


YEARS RIDING:  87' first time on a board (Skurfer).  95' began my career. 
FAVORITE PLACE TO RIDE:  Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas.  Or towing into waves on my wakeboard anywhere.
IF YOU WEREN'T A PRO RIDER, YOU'D BE? Teaching something.
FAVORITE RIDER: Trey Canard.  Keith Lyman
BEST THING ABOUT RIDING FOR FOX:  Reason the company started in the first place was a love for action sports and wanting to bring the best product to market.  That still holds true today.  
LIKES: J-Man (Jesus). Exercise while having fun.  Chasing my kids while wearing my pirate hat.  Trampolines.  Rope swings.  Pull up bars.  Construction.  Guitar/playing with friends.  Making fun videos.  My G23.  Wakeboarding. Shaping wakeboards.  Coming back from injury.  Playing ice hockey.  Bruschetta.  Snowboarding too fast.  Riding moto w Hicks (good pointers like "slower is faster" which I use in everyday life as well).  Ground zero day (when I clip toe and finger nails, shave my head, and a clean shave on my face).  YouTube for learning how to do things.  Machetes. Surfing.  Throwing knives.  Good movies.  Learning how to do something more efficiently.  Baseball gloves.  Organization.  House boat trips.  Camping.  Watching my girls grow up.  Coming up with a good analogy.  Laughing with my wife.  People who are passionate about their work.  Tuna Sushimi.  Soccer Sundays. Getting produce from our garden.  Creating things/inventing. 
DISLIKES:  Shopping mobs.  People pushing my backpack while boarding the plane.  People who don't let you get out of your row while exiting the plane.  People who crowd the edge of the baggage carousel.  Getting cuts (on my skin).  Tuna in a can.  Chapped lips.  Inflation.  Too green of a banana.  Dishonesty.  Not realizing I've been walking around the house with dirt in my shoes until it's been a long time.  Biting the inside of my cheek.  Being on a road trip, low on gas, and not knowing when the next gas station is.  Slow internet.  So much garlic in food that you taste it for hours.  Weeds in my lawn.  Thieves (get your own stuff the right way).  Taking a back edge wakeboarding.  
FAVORITE FOX PRODUCT:  Murray Boardies b/c I got to design them just how I like em.  And Deluxe T's, so comfy.  Brand new hey feel like those shirts that you have for years and they get all soft and stuff.  
SPONSOR SHOUT-OUTS:  Of course Fox for so many years of good times and great products that come from teams who listen to the riders in the field putting the gear through the ringer.  Hyperlite.  Nautique.  Jet Pilot.  Aktion Parks.  Performance Ski and Surf. Wake MD (my wakeboard teaching app in the iTunes Store) 

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Instagram: @shaunmurray

Twitter: @shaunmurraywake

Facebook: Shaun Murray

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