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Aaron Ross is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in BMX. He also happens to be a social media king with an insane amount of followers and fans. Known for his love of fluorescent and bright colored frames, this dude is also one of the top street riders out there. Every time he puts out an edit, you can expect to see nothing short of 100k views (and that’s on the low end). He is a fan favorite and has won street rider of the year and the peoples choice award multiple times.


James Aaron Ross


Corpus Christi, TX

Currently Resides:
Austin , TX

Fox. Sunday Bikes, Odyssey, Etnies, Empire

Fox Team Rider Since:

Years Pro:

Street but I love riding everything...I ride a lot of dirt and race bmx

Bike Frame/Specs:
Sunday Bikes and Odyssey parts. I like bright colors

Favorite Trick:

Favorite Fox Product: 
Blade Chino Pants, TRex Jeans

Career Highlights

Metro Jam Canada 2006 – Best Trick – 2nd Place

Nora Cup 2007 – Street Rider of the year

Ride BMX UK Worldwide Rider of the Year 2011

2013 Overall Top 100 Athlete Index Rankings on Hookit – 20th Place

2013 Overall BMX Rankings on Hookit – 1st Place 9 months out of the year

2014 Opened up his own Food Truck business – Burro Cheese in Austin, TX


What was your first bike?
Mongoose Hooligan

What/Where is your favorite place to ride?
Anywhere with a good group of friends… But I love Atlanta, Japan and Spain

What are the top 3 Songs on your playlist (Band, Genre) – 
Ohhh mannn… Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, and maybe Taylor Swift

Who did you look up to most when you first started riding?
Van Homan and Taj Mihilech

What would your career be if you didn’t ride BMX? 
Hmm. No idea. 11 years is a long time so who knowsssss

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by? 
Anytime I sign something, I usually write “have fun everyday” or “lets get awesome”.

Any advice for the next generation of BMX riders?
Just go outside and have fun with your crew. Enjoy BMX and road trips with your friends and BMX will give you something you will never forget! 

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