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Nina Buitrago is hands down the most influential woman in BMX. In college she discovered her love for the sport when she didn’t have a car and turned to a bike. She went to the local dirt jumps with friends and was instantly hooked. Most recently, she was named by ESPN as one of the "20 most unstoppable women in action sports” and we aren’t surprised. Respected by everyone, Nina not only proves she can hang with the boys, but she is passionate about growing the BMX scene for women and showcasing their skills on a bike.


Nina Buitrago


Denver, CO

Currently Resides: 
Austin, TX

FOX, Empire, Tree Bicycle Co., Bern Helmets, Etnies

Fox Team Rider Since:

Years Pro:

Park, Street, Dirt. I love it all!

Bike Frame/Specs:
Terrible One “Ruben” 20.75” (Fox Rider Ruben Alcantara signature frame), with all Tree Bicycle Co. components,  and Ruben’s “La Tierra” Signature tires by Fly Bikes

Favorite Trick:
A good "Nothing" or tabletop is always a treat

Favorite Fox Product:
Fox Gloves! Currently loving the Fox Women's Dirtpaw


Career Highlights

first female to grind a handrail on a BMX bike 

First girl on Megatour Europe with DK Bicycles Props Visual Video magazine 

first female BMX rider on Etnies, ladies section in "Grounded" video

full length video part in Chick Flick the first ever all girls BMX DVD

(Before 2005 there weren't really girls classes so I competed with the guys and moved up in the ranks over the years until there were more girls attending contests on an international scale)

2005 Vancouver Metro Jam 1st girls 

2006-2009 Toronto Jam 1st girls 

2010, 2011 JoMo Pro 1st girls park

2010 world champion girls street cologne, GER

2012 FISE World Cup 2nd place girls park Montpellier, FRA

2013 FISE World Cup 1st girls park Montpellier, FRA

Signature handlebars by DK Bicycles

first pro female bmxer to have a column in BMX Plus Mag

full interviews on ESPN online, DIG Bmx magazine (UK print), CREAM magazine (FRA) Several photos write ups and mentions in RIDE BMX magazine, BMX Plus, Cooler Mag, small photo in Maxim 


What was your first bike?
BMX: S&M Dirt bike classic 20.25” top tube Moto: 1975 Honda CD360T

What/Where is your favorite place to ride?
The T-1 Ramp (Terrible One’s backyard <3)

What are the top 3 Songs on your playlist (Band, Genre):
I am all over the place… MC5, Black Sabbath, Devo

Who did you look up to most when you first started riding?
Everyone I started riding with, Port Trails crew, Vic Ayala, Edwin De La rosa…pretty much every rider in Fox Expendable 3, Road Fools 5, Seek and Destroy, and Nowhere Fast videos were who I looked up to, I can still watch any of these videos and get super stoked to ride

What would your career be if you didn’t ride BMX? 
Disgruntled desk job worker of America? Ha! Something more exciting I’m sure, I went to college for Music and Management so I would most likely be doing something fun with events and music. 

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by?
Sleep when you’re dead! “Life move’s pretty fast, you know, if you don’t stop and take a look around once in awhile, you could miss it!”-ferris bueller 

Any advice for the next generation of BMX riders?
Know you’re roots, support rider owned companies, make sure to give back more than you take 

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