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From a young age, the New Jersey native has proved that BMX has always been a constant in his life. Like many riders, Scotty Cranmer started his career in BMX racing. He knew then that BMX was going to be more than just a hobby. Anyone who has ever seen him ride knows he has the ability to ride anything with ease and confidence. Scotty proves year after year that he was made for BMX and his passion and dedication to the sport has not only made his riding career successful, but has earned him the respect of everyone around him. 


Scotty Cranmer


Jackson, NJ

Currently Resides:
Howell, NJ

Fox, Monster Energy, Vans, Hyper, Protec, Snafu, Duo

Fox Team Rider Since:

Years Pro:

I ride everything I possibly can. Always have, always will.

Bike Frame/Specs:
Hyper C2 (my signature frame) 20.7 tt, 13.25 rear, 76 HT, 8.75 SO, 11.4 bb, 72.5 st

Favorite Trick:
Opposite 360

Favorite Fox Product:
Dagger Pants!!!

Career Highlights

X Games 2005 – BMX Park - Silver Medal

X Games 2006 – BMX Park – Gold Medal

X Games 2007 – BMX Park – Silver Medal

X Games 2009 – BMX Park – Gold Medal

X Games 2011 – BMX Park – Bronze Medal

Dew Cup Champion 2011 – BMX Park

X Games 2012 – BMX Park – Gold Medal

X Games 2013 Barcelona – BMX Park – Bronze Medal

X Games 2013 Munich – BMX Park – Silver Medal

Dew Tour 2013 - Ocean City Park Final – 3rd place

Dew Tour 2013 - San Fran BMX Streetstyle – 3rd place

X Games 2014 – Austin, TX BMX Park – Bronze Medal


What was your first bike?
First legit BMX was a Mongoose Menace.

What/Where is your favorite place to ride?
The Incline Club.

What are the top 3 songs on your playlist (Band, Genre) - 
Rock n Roll, 80's Pop, 90's Radio

Who did you look up to most when you first started riding?
I looked up to just about every rider that I ever saw in the magazines and videos. They were all heroes to me and found pieces of all of them to put into my own riding

What would your career be if you didn’t ride BMX?
I kind of thought I'd be a cop when I was a kid.

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by?
If it feels right, do it!

Any advice for the next generation of BMX r iders?
BMX is a gift. If you have found it then take everything that you can from it. Appreciate the ups, learn from the downs and don't be afraid or ashamed of what ever it is that makes you smile. And make sure you wear your helmet!


Instagram name: @scottycranmer

Twitter Account: @ScottyCranmer

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