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Iago Garay

Favorite Place to Ride: Bellingham, WA, USA.

Years Riding MTB: all my life

Years Riding with FOX: 2

Likes: downhills, jumps, cheeseburgers, beer

Dislikes: climbs, pickles on my cheeseburger. 


Name: iago Garay Tamayo

D.O.B.: 30/09/1991

Residence: Alalpardo, Madrid, Spain


How long have you been riding and how did you get started?

I've been on two wheels pretty much all my life. When I was very little, maybe 3-4 years old I went into the local bike shop with my parents I saw a sick looking pink and blue bike and I jumped on it. I didn't leave the shop until my parents bought me the bike. I was hooked.


What keeps you motivated and pushes you to progress as an athlete?

Riding with people that inspire me makes me push hard to improve my riding and try to be as good as them. Also every time I think the amount of sick trails I haven't ridden yet makes me want to ride my bike even more!


What is your proudest moment as a professional athlete and what are your goals for next season?

I'd say my very first race as a professional rider. In Chile for the first EWS of 2014. The tracks were amazing, the vibe was excellent and I had my best result to date on the EWS WOTH A 20th.


What motivated you to sign with Fox and what do you think you can contribute to Fox as a company?

When I started riding downhill 12 years ago Fox was the sickest brand. I remember all I wanted was to own something from fox. I was way to little to get riding gear, so I had to settle for a hat! Since then I've always been a huge fan of the brand and it's a dream come true to be representing it!!

As a pro rider I spend great amount of hours training and riding my bike in very different conditions and terrains. I am always thinking on how I can make the experience of riding better by improving my equipment. 

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