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Bas Van Steenbergen

21 year old Bas van Steenbergen was born in the United States, but quickly moved to Holland where he began racing motorcross and bmx. When he turned 16, he moved to Canada where be started racing Downhill racing. Podium finishes quickly began after the move as he earned 1st at the Canada Cup in Mont Tremblant and 3rd at Crankworx Dual Slalom. Bas now resides in Kelowna, B.C. where he is able to ride his bike every day. As the newest member to join to the team, Fox is stoked to have someone of his skill set representing the brand. 


Bas van Steenbergen


Epe, The Netherlands

Currently Resides: 
Kelowna, B.C. Canada


Years Pro: 

Fox Athlete Since: 
This will be my first!

DH and maybe a little freeriding in there as well.

Favorite Trick: 
A whip, if that is considered a trick.

Favorite Fox Product: 
The Rampage helmet is so comfy

Career Highlights

2015 3rd Place Crankworx Dual Slalom

2014 1st Place Canada Cup Mont Tremblant

1st Place NW Cup Overall

Making Rampage Finals


Where is your favorite place to ride?
That would either be Silverstar Bike Park on a rainy day, or Coast gravity park, I've never had a bad day of riding at that place.

If you weren't a Pro Rider, what would you be doing?
Riding for fun and probably be in school, I have no clue what I would do for a job.

What are some of your favorite musical artists? 
Nirvana, Motorhead and Kendrick Lamar

What do you like most about riding for Fox? 
The support I'm getting from them for sure, they are so on it. Also, being able to wear and represent the gear that you always wanted as a kid is pretty cool.

What motivates you to ride MTB? 
Just the feeling you get when you're riding, I don't think I can find that anywhere else.

As a Pro, what is your most proud MTB moment?
Probably making finals at Red Bull Rampage last year, I had no clue if I could even ride down any of the stuff we built, so to have everything work out was awesome.

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