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Damien Hobgood

Damien Hobgood is one of the most versatile surfers in the world. He spent 15 years on the elite tour competing around the world in perfect surf. He is known for charging some of the craziest waves ever paddled into and keeping a smile on everyone’s face while doing it. Don’t confuse him with his twin brother CJ, Damien is a legend of our sport.

Despite being born and raised in the surf-starved East Coast of the United States, Damien Hobgood has established himself as one of the fiercest competitive surfing talents the ASP World Tour has seen over the last decade. Taking the ASP Dream Tour by storm with twin brother C.J., Damien has proven himself time and time again in all conditions ranging from two victories in lethal conditions such as Tavarua (2004 and 2006) to a runner up finish in 2009 at Jeffreys Bay’s high performance right-handers and Hobgood’s versatility has seen him stand tall alongside the rest of the world’s best.

After struggling through an injury-plagued season in 2008, Hobgood launched back to action in top form, finishing ASP World No. 9 after his 9th season amongst the elite. The ultra-consistent Floridian was a top finisher in 2006 and looked to be a title contender in 2007 but injured his knee in Chile and his string of bad luck continued when he suffered a severe shoulder injury in 2008 at Teahupoo. 2009 proved to be a turnaround year for Hobgood and if he continues to build momentum in 2010 as he did this past year, he’ll be a serious threat to this year’s ASP World Title.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Moss & Mike Balzer

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Name: Damien Hobgood

DOB: July 6 1979

Hometown: Satellite Beach FL

Currently Resides: Encinitas CA

Sponsors: Fox, Globe, Dakine, FCS, Surface, Sun Diego Boardshop, Fish 101 Restaurant

Fox Team Rider Since: 2011

Surfboard dimensions: 5’10 18.5 2.5

Boards Per Year:20

Inspirations/ Favorite Surfers: Occy, Curren, Andy Irons, Parko, Fanning

Signature Move: Barrel

Favorite Wave: Barrel

Years Pro/ Years Surfing: 1998/30

Career Highlights

1st 2006 ASP Teahupoo WT Event, Teahupo'o Tahiti        

1st place 2006 Globe Fiji Pro WT Event, Cloudbreak, Fiji

1st place 2004 Globe Fiji Pro WT Event, Cloudbreak, Fiji




Surfing Magazine Cover Dec. 2013

2011 Drug Aware Pro Champion QS


When did you get your first board and what was it?
It was a Hand me down from my dad, his old board he didn’t want anymore.

If you are not in the water surfing, what are you doing to keep you mind/body challenged?
Gym or Tennis. Don’t get me on the court; you might see the next Nadal in the making.

If you were not a professional surfer, what would you be?
Mechanic, I love fixing cars and getting the hands dirty.

Follow Damien

Instagram: @DamienHobgood

Twitter: @Hobgoods

Facebook: DamienHobgood

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