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Jesse Merle Jones

BIRTHPLACE:North Shore, Kauai

Where do you ride and reside? Worldwide reside!

What makes you stoked? Good friends, Morning surf session.Friendly smiles in a foreign land, new places, new boards, new Fox clothes, my niece, Hawaii, BBQ’s, and just kicking back on my couch feeling blessed I live an amazing life.

Nickname? JMJ, squirrel, Merle, or Hesse Merle’y-Hones in Mexico.

For me, surfing is… My life, leave breathe eat, surfing

Who is your favorite surfer? OCCY, Tom Carol

What would an A + day at your home break look like? Teauchpoo backwards.

It’s flat in your region for 3 weeks, what do you do? Tennis, fishing training and relaxing.

How tall is your most used shred sled? 7’4 7’8 second reef pipe models.

Pre-session/ amp up music? I keep it mellow before sessions Bob Marley, Reggae, rock whatever’s.

Animals are now the only mode of transportation. What would you ride on your way to your local break? I always wanted to ride an elephant, or a camel would be cool as well. But I think an elephant would make a better companion.

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