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Rusty Malinoski is dubbed as one of the most powerful wake riders to ever compete in Wakeboard competion. Growing up in Humbolt, Saskatchewan Canada Rusty's wake riding was very limited due to the weather conditions of the extreme north. At a very young age Rusty chased his dream. He chased his dream all the way down to Orlando, FL where he started chasing his career nearly 10 years ago.


Rusty Malinoski


Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada

Current Residence:
Clermont, FL


Fox, Hyperlite, Mastercraft, Rockstar, Body Glove, Roswell, Performance ski and surf

Fox Team rider since:


Years Pro:




Board / Specs:

Hyperlite Kruz 142

Favorite Trick:

Anything off the double up

Favorite Fox Product:

Active Tech shorts


Career Highlights

2015 - Pan AM Games - 1st

2014 - Wakeboard Nationals - 2nd

2014 - Wake Open - 2nd

2013 - Masters Champion 
2013 - World Champion
2009: Wake Games – 1st

2008: WWA World Championships – 1st

2008: Pro-Am Wakeboard Championships – 1st

2008: Wake Games – 1st

2007: WWA National Championships – 1st

2007: Pro Wakeboard Tour: Fort Worth – 1st

2006: WWA World Series – 1st

2006: Pro-Am Wakeboard Championships – 1st

2006: Pro Wakeboard Tour: Portland – 1st

2005: Pro-Am Wakeboard Championships – 1st

2005: Pro Wakeboard Tour: Reno – 1st


How old were you when you started wakeboarding?

I was about 15 or so. My brothers and some of their buddies were out on the lake in my hometown so I went out and tried it. I instantly loved it and knew it was something I wanted to do at a high level.

What is your most memorable expierence on your wakeboard?

Probably landing the first 1080 in competition and winning the Gold at the Pan AM Games this summer back in Canada.

Favorite spot to ride?

Lake Minnehaha in Clermont, FL

Which wake athlete do you respect the most and why?

So many. There have been so many that have helped me, pushed me and trained with me day in and day out.

What are you going to do when you retire from Wake?

GOLF! Hahahahah, not sure.I love to work and I love to work hard. So something will fall into place?

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