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Reed Hansen is the superhuman innovator of trickerey within wakeskating. As a youth Reed was a wakeboarder and grew up wakeboarding. Then over the years wakeskating grew on him, complelling Reed to take on this new sport head on. Over the years Reed has taken the sport of wakeskating seriously and has been one of the industries trick innovators and the most winningest wakeskate athlete ever. 


Reed Hansen


Home town:
Groveland, FL

Currently Resides:
Clermont, FL


Fox, Ronix, Rockstar, Mossy Oak, Hitcase, Performance ski and surf

Fox Team Rider Since:


Years Pro:




Board / Specs:

2016 Boomstick 42" bi-level deck


Career Highlights

8 Time reigning WWA World Champion

3 Time over-all Toe Jam Champion

5 Time WWA Wakeskate National Champion

2011 Alliance Rider of the Year

5 Time WBM Wakeskater of the Year

5 Time Alliance Wakeboard magazine Rider of the Year

5 Time Wake World Rider of the Year

2 Time Battle Falls Champion

Retention Champion


How old were you when you started Wakeskating?

I was 13 when I first started wakeskating consistently.

What was your most memorable experience on your wakeskate?

I have gotten the chance to ride some pretty incredible locations around the world. The one that stands out the most was hitting Battle Falls (that I built) for the first time in my backyard.

Favorite spot to ride?

Battle Falls

Which wake athlete do you respect the most and why?

I have always really liked Scott Byerly. He has done so much for the sport of wakeskating and continues to push his own riding even into his 40's. Very inspiring.

What are you going to do when you retire your wakeskate?

Probably live in the woods and collect antlers and hides.

Follow REED

Instagram: @Reedhansen

Twitter: @reedahansen

Facebook:  Reed.Hansen.56

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