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Liam "Lima" Eltham

DATE OF BIRTH: 29th january 1987 HEIGHT: 5'9 WEIGHT: 10 stone BIRTHPLACE: oxford, england RESIDENCE: grove oxfordshire SPONSORS: fox, dc shoes, relentless, s&m, 4down, mpora HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PART OF THE FOX FAMILY? pretty stoked, the clothes are sweet, everyone seems cool. Leo is a good chap, and so are the US team. MOST MEMORABLE BMX EXPERIENCE? either riding Empire of Dirt contest. Most summer trails sessions are always remembered in the darker months. South of France trips with some good crews. Becoming British dirt champion back in 2006. haha. IF YOU DIDN'T RIDE, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'D DO? hopefully something like skateboarding. Maybe i would of gone to uni and bagged myself a sweet paying job. Probably playing football tho. WHAT/WHO INSPIRES YOUR RIDING? Ever time i go down my trails, its a good source of inspiration to keep riding. Most of the people who i ride with are inspiring in someway or another. TOP 5 BANDS OF ALL TIME? Gallows, Arctic Monkeys, AFI, HIM, the 5th TOP 5 RIDERS? Aitken, Bohan, Chase Hawk, G Reynolds, Scott Edgworth WHAT DO YOU SEE IN BMX RIGHT NOW THAT MAKES YOU EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE OF THE SPORT? The amount of amazing trails all over the world, especially England. Some of the unknown guys who are so good to watch.... LIKES?: Music, Clothes, Sick cars, iPhone, Warm sunny days, Jackets, Leather jackets, My black beanie which i lost, gutted DISLIKES?: The cold big time. Petrol prices. House prices, Winter WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR LIFELONG GOAL OR PHILOSOPHY? Lets make stuff better (covers all aspect of life...) WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU? hopefully some amazing memories. FAMOUS LAST WORDS, SHOUT OUTS, ETC? thanks to family and friends and the people who have helped me along the way. I know who you are.

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