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Josh Bryceland

Before riding mountain bikes, Josh had a love for motorcycles and a dream of racing motorcross like his Dad. Motivated by the MBUK video, "Dirt" and the riding styles of the likes of Steve Peat, Rober Warner, James McRoy and Will Longden, he quickly found his passion. Mentored by Steve Peat himself, Josh "Ratboy" Bryceland emerged as one of the most talented riders in DH. After multiple UCI Junior DH World Cup Championships, he ran through the competition to receive the honor of UCI DH World Cup Champion in 2014. Fox presented Josh with an epic boom box painted to represent the flag of the United Kingdom with the words, "God Save The Rat" for his championship. Josh's outgoing personality and wild antics have not only made him a fan favorite, but a favorite to win the UCI Downhill World Cup year after year. 

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Josh Bryceland


In the Hills South of Manchester

Currently Resides:
In the Hills South of Manchester

Fox, Santa Cruz, Burgtec, 50:01, Enve, Maxxis, Fox Shox

Years Pro:

Fox Athlete Since:

DH Mountain Bike

Bike Frame/ Specs:
v10 fully prepped for goin quick

Favorite Trick:
Big whip or flatty

Favorite Fox product:
RPC! Saved me enough times :)


Career Highlights

2014 UCI DH World Cup Champion

2008 UCI Junior DH World Champion

2007 UCI Junior DH World Champion

2 UCI DH World Cup Wins

9 UCI DH World cup Podiums


Where is your favorite place to ride?
Anywhere the 50:01 crew is

If you weren't a Pro Rider, what would you be doing?
Building tracks!!

Who are some of your favorite bands?
Cable Street Collective, Rancid, Fugees, Black Grape

What do you like most about riding for Fox?
I've met some lifelong friends from fellow athletes to employees

What motivates you to ride MTB?
The feeling of being connected with the ground readin it like a book and pushing the limits of traction

As a Pro, what is your most proud MTB moment?
It will be in February when me and my mates as 50:01 finish our first jump like open to the public!!


Follow Josh

Instagram Name: @ratboy_bryce

Twitter Account: @Ratboy_Bryce

Facebook: Josh Bryceland