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Gunner Day


Gunner Day/ GunDay

 Gunner grew up in a surfing community like no other in the world. His surfing is a reflection of the variety San Clemente has to offer.  Gunner brings excitement and spontaneity every time he paddles out in the surf.  He has been working on new signature moves that will blow people away.




Name: Gunner Day

DOB: 11/22/1999

Hometown: San Clemente

Currently Resides: San Clemente

Sponsors: FOX, Electric…lost surfboards, Blackline Mfg., Sea 7 Technology

Fox Team Rider Since: 2011

Surfboard dimensions –anything if I like it, I’m open to all shapes

Boards Per Year- what ever I can get my hands on, 8-10

Inspirations/ Favorite Surfers- Clay Marzo, Bobby Martinez, Chris Ward, Gudauskas Brothers,Nate Yeomans, Frankie D’Andrea

Signature Move- Layback Blow tail?

Favorite Wave-Wherever is good

Years Pro/ Years Surfing- I’m not pro-consistently like 9 years

Career Highlights

Having a good time and try something new every time I paddle out in the surf.


What is your favorite Pre surf song?

Sang Fezi by Wyclef Jean

Who is your favorite Fox athlete of all time?

Brandon Ragenovich, Ian Crane, Kalani Robb

When did you get your first board and what was it?

9 years ago it was a …lost that was Cristobal De Col’s old board 4’11”x15’1 7/8

If you are not in the water surfing, what are you doing to keep you mind/body challenged?  

Drawing or hanging out with Lilli Jane

If you were not a professional surfer, what would you be? 

Bored with Life, Surfing is my life. 


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Instagram: @_gunday

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