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Josh Twelker

Residing in the Northern California, Josh Twelker has been dubbed one of the most stylish wakeboarders the sport has ever reconized. Gracing the covers of many wake magazines, Josh looks forward to making his mark within the sports history. Calm, cool, and collected Josh loves evening sets on his local waterways of the California delta. 



Josh Twelker


Discovery Bay, CA

Current Resides:
Discovery Bay, CA


Fox, Rockstar Energy, CWB, Nautique Boats, Hoven, Board, Body Glove

Fox Team Rider Since:


Years Pro:




Board / Specs:

CWB The Standard 143

Favorite Trick:

Mute Backmobe

Favorite Fox Product:

Quad stretch boardshorts, socks


Career Highlights

Three magazine covers

3 full-length movie sections: Prime Wake, Quiet Please and Al Sur.



How old were you when you started wakeboarding?

I was 8 years old when I first tried wakeboarding. I didn't take it seriously though until I was about 12.

What is the most memorable experience on your wakeboard?

When I think about my wakeboard career I don't think of having just one experience that stands out for me. I think the excitement of progression is what keeps things fun and memorable. When I look at how far I have been and, how far I have come that's what makes wakeboarding memorable for me.

Favorite spot to ride?

Wakeboarding has taken me to some very cool spots over the years. I still think my favorite place to ride is right in my backyard on the California Delta.

Which wake athlete do you respect the most in your sport and why?

There are so many guys I could name but, the one guy that has always had my respect and stands out in my mind is Randall Harris. He goes bigger with a cleaner style than almost any other wakeboarder and he's been riding that way forever.

What are you going to do when you retire from wakeboarding?

I love the lifestyle that I have been blessed with. I plan to keep it going as long as I can. I always see myself involved with the sport in some way.

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